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Coleman Hooligan Two Backpacking Tent – Best Backpacking Tents Guide For Kids

The Coleman brand is a trusted name and the Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tent is a trusted product. I really don’t believe I have noticed a kids tent get better reviews than this one. When looking at the tent myself I can see why.

Maybe you’re a kid searching for a tent to take camping with friends and family or you’re an adult camper and you are trying to find a tent to match your child so as he or she can carry and set up their own tent. I believe this is great because it gives the kid a feeling of duty and autonomy, (always convenient for when they grow up).

When buying a backpacking tent in general I think one of the important features must be its streamlined ability. Yes, it has to be big enough to sleep 2 people comfortably but also it has in order to fold easily and immediately fitting snugly in your backpack.

After I have been camping I always buy the best backpacking tents that possess an unique vestibule area at the front. I believe this is fantastic for storing your dirty or wet shoes or setting up a mini clothes line for drying wet garments. I particularly enjoy the vestibule area for cooking my meals if it is raining outside. I am able to cook safely and comfortably under the protection of the covered vestibule.

I’ve had my fair share of owning some pretty lousy tents. When it was time to purchase another tent to try out I started to learn how to weed out the not too the and hone in on the ones that stood out to be top products.

As an inexperienced camper I used to just go out and buy the most expensive tent on the marketplace believing that it could be the best but a good deal of the time this is simply not the case. An example is this Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tent is under $60 and it out performs many of the higher end tents out there. It really is undoubtedly the backpacking tent reviews out there for the youngster just getting into camping life.

Modern backpacking tents are distinct from the heavy, leaking, cumbersome shelters of the past. The latest kinds are constructed from nylon shells and fiberglass or carbon fiber posts. This indicates that today’s backpacking tents are smaller and lighter than ever before. There is going to be no more hassling with mismatched tent poles in the midst of the night because most manufacturers now string their break down posts with bungee cordswhich let the bits to snap together quickly. Most tents can be put up by one person in minutes with the help of these posts and also the color-coded snaps on the tent body.

You will be assured of a dry night as soon as you set the tent up. Modern backpacking tents have waterproof and seam-sealed rain flies, and therefore you will not wake-up at 3am to that tell-tale drip-drip-drip of the leaking seam. Additionally they let the wetness and condensation from your breath to carry outside because these backpacking tents are ventilated. What this means is that you could avoid wet tent walls in the morning. The vestibule is another useful, common feature that enables you to leave your muddy boots and pack outside your tent but still out of the rain.

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